How your small business can take advantage of Twitter


Twitter is a social media platform geared towards short text. You have 280 words to get a message across to your audience. Supplementing with pictures, gifs, links, as you see fit in order to get your message across and finish it off with some relevant hashtags. So how do you use this platform to your businesses? 
Instagram is great for sharing media like photos and short videos, but not so great for sharing links. But Twitter is a great way to share links to your audience in order to gain action. Twitter has cards, which are a great way to provide more information about your content that can't be summed up with those 280 characters.


  • Summary cards give a short description with image, either full sized or a smaller thumbnail. 


  • Photo cards are Instagram style, with a large photo and your caption/link/text. 


  • Gallery cards let you post a group of photos along with your text. 


  • App cards allow you to promote apps so people can click download directly from your tweet and get sent to the app store. 


  • Player cards allow you to have video and audio clips in your tweet. 


  • Product cards Let you show off a product you’re trying to get attention to directly from your shop. 


  • Lead Generation cards can be a great way to get conversions, but you need an advertising account in order to use them. Then you can have them sign up to your newsletter. 


Setting these up is simple, you just need to ask your web developer to add a little code to your website. Twitter provides all the tools to do this as their way of being business friendly. Social media doesn't just cater to the user anymore, they are also designed to help businesses make the most out of the tools available to them in order to succed.
Build your twitter following by posting quality content that your audience and potential customers are interested in. By posting things they are interested in you increase your chances at gaining conversions and making sales. Offering valuable information makes people more likely to follow you on social media and be interested in your company.  And since people spend so much time on social media it’s important to be present on it as a business in order to capitalize on that activity. Billions of people are using social media every day, and they are coming across people and businesses constantly. Being one of those businesses that they see every time they log in can make them curious about you and make them want to check out your account. Twitter can help you showcase events, products, give easy tips and tricks, promote blogs from your website. Basically anything you need to share with your audience, you can do it on Twitter.

Engagement is as important to a business as it is to social media. But the one thing a website can’t do that social media can is to interact.  Taking advantage of that can help your business grow further than your competitors and create a community of loyal customers. Social media is a way to connect you to the world, connect you to your customers, your fans. It is an asset that you shouldn’t overlook just because you don’t understand it because it’s easier now than ever to find the answers you’re looking for. Because these connections help people decide who they want to follow, or what brands they want to check out.

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