Why your business needs to focus on your content


“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is something we are taught as children. A lesson to not overlook something just because the initial impression isn’t that great. Usually most people would agree with this message, but that is not the case with websites. Your website has a very brief window in which to capture your audience's attention, so they stick around and check out your site. This is one of the cases where your cover better be impressive in order to set you apart from all the other options out there. 

One of the things which can set you apart is what you can offer your audience. What information do you have at your disposal that could be of value to your consumers? Your knowledge. Using your industry expertise is a great way to create interesting and relevant content that will appeal to your audience. Teach them tricks on using your products, give them tutorial videos to watch, etc. Audience engagement makes you much more valuable as a resource.  

The internet is filled with answers to questions, if you have the time to go searching for them, but when you have a credible source of information you tend to come back to them repeatedly. Be the credible source your customers look for by creating content that matters to them. Not only will it increase the activity on your website, but also create a community loyal to your brand.

Facebook is a great way to cultivate this loyalty and promote your content. By creating a Facebook page for your business, you not only open the opportunity for people loyal to your brand to be notified when you post, but also permit them to interact with you. You’ll be able to link content from your website on your Facebook feed, which notifies your audience to the content you post. Facebook is a great way to increase audience engagement, including views, feedback, and potential sales. Being able to interact directly increases your value to the customer, which is important because it makes you and your company a valuable resource and offers a touch of humanity.

Fresh content does not only keep your customers coming back for more information, it also helps people discover you. While using a search engine to find some information your blog or videos could be recommended by Google as a solution. This is great for your website because people may click on them in order to learn more, and possibly stick around and see what else you have to offer. 

Having new and carefully crafted content is so important when it comes to having a good website. If you’re being diligent with your SEO and crafting good content, Google will continue to promote you, because they see people are interested in what you have to offer. The better the content, the more activity, and the more conversions you’ll find yourself with.

Additionally, a variety of content is a great way of attracting visitors. Info graphics and videos are some of the most popular content out there because we are visual creatures. Creating a YouTube page and filming small segments about your popular blog topics, tutorials, tours, or informational shorts can do wonders for your website. Yachting companies and real estate companies have seen great success in posting tours on YouTube channels as well as on their websites. Because while some people may love to read long informative articles, nearly everyone enjoys watching a video instead. 

One of the most commonly used social media apps, Instagram, has become paramount for small business grow. Instagram is great for reaching different audiences and potential new customers. By producing quality content, (pictures, videos, events, etc.) you can engage people, and if they like what they see they can visit your website or store directly from your profile. 

While it’s important to create new content, it’s also critical to remember you’re one of many with this knowledge base. Copying content ideas from other places is just beating a dead horse. It’s natural to have some overlap with content creation but finding ways to add an original twist is a must. You need to give people a reason to choose your content over all the other content providers covering the same topic.  


In a world full of advertisements, using entertaining and informative content creation can help drive new customers to your business. We’re in a digital age, full of new and exciting tools to help small business growth, and it’s best to take advantage of the tools at your disposal.  

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