9 ways to increase web traffic


Be present on social media


Having a great website with quality content isn’t an end all solution for getting people interested in your website. Once they’ve already reached your website it’s a plus, but before that it’s not really doing anything for you. Being active on social media can make you visible to a larger demographic that may not have come across your site normally. Instagram is a great way to share interesting pictures and capture people's attention. Twitter is good for clever tips; Facebook is great for building a community and having personal interaction with supporters. 


Build a community


A great benefit of social media is creating a sense of community. Having the ability to engage your audience on a more personal level helps create a bonding experience which encourages brand loyalty. Being able to create a sense of loyalty and community can help your brand grow through word of mouth, recommendations, and association. People are interested in the brands that their friends are following so if you can create a community who is supportive of your brand, you’ll be creating a net of influence that far exceeds what you would’ve had originally. 

Be diverse


Diversifying your content can be a great way of keeping a variety of visitors interested in revisiting your website. Having a variety in the length of your content can appeal to different audiences, some people just want something quick and easy to digest while others may want something longer with more in-depth detail. Videos and info graphics are another way of appealing to your audience because of how engaging they can be. Being able to provide a variety of content and topics helps make you an asset to your visitors and keeps them coming back for more.  


Link internally 


Linking to outside sources may seem like a great way to diversifying the information on your site but it’s not something that Google likes. Linking away means you’re pushing people away from your website, losing traffic, and losing visitors. Instead you should focus on keeping people on your site by linking internally by tying together similar or related content. If you have a blog post or page that relates to something elsewhere on your website, you can create a flow of information. This means that after they finish one, they can be guided somewhere else with similar information, so they have the best chance of getting the information they were looking for. 

Be aware of SEO and optimization 


Millions of people a day are looking for something online, and one of the things that sets websites apart is SEO. Optimizing your website is a great way of getting more activity and traffic because It encourages Google to showcase your website. It means that you are actively improving your user experience and that your website runs smoothly. But having overall SEO optimization isn’t all you can do; you can also optimize pages. Allowing you to optimize your content so that it is the very best it can be and entice people to click onto your website. Another way to optimize your site is being on top of testing for 404’s and other errors and taking care of them quickly and efficiently so visitors are never taken to a bad page which could cause them to leave your site 


Use email marketing 


Email marketing is often overlooked as something that just ends up in people's trash. But if you are providing exclusive interesting content it can compel people to be more engaged in the emails you send. Using clever infographics, videos, and clever tips is a great way of encouraging people to sign up for email marketing and check out the rest of your content. 


Target key words 


Targeting popular keywords is a basic when it comes to SEO, but long tail key words are often overlooked. Long tailed are the majority when it comes to searches. Because when you’re searching for computer issues are you googling computer issues? Or are you googling What does it mean when your computer makes a whirring noise. Having all your bases covered increases the chance that people will see your website and click on it. Meaning more traffic and a greater chance of having conversions and repeat visitors

Make sure your site is responsive 


A responsive site is integral for having a successful website, being able to browse on a mobile device is a must because you don't want people struggling to navigate your site. Mobile browsing has surpassed desktop browsers, so making sure your website works for most of your audience is key to having traffic on your site. If it doesn’t work on mobile you are losing a huge chunk of viable customers and visitors. Which can really have a negative impact on your business with most people having responsive web design. Not going responsive is a huge disadvantage when you need to compete with so many other people vying for the same customers, and if you want to succeed in this digital world you need to stay up to date. 


Be aware of your page speed 


There is nothing worse than a slow site. You could have dazzling content, a compelling design, but if your website won’t load properly you will lose people left and right. We’ve all been there; you click onto a website that isn’t loading immediately only to stare at the loading bar for a few seconds before getting impatient and backing out. With content at their fingertips no one wants to wait around for a slow site, not when there are so many options to choose from. If you want people to stick around you need to be certain that you are constantly monitoring your website to make sure that it is optimized to load as quickly as possible. 

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