Why you should outsource your tech support


For any business, technical support is an absolute necessity for keeping your employees and team members working efficiently. Having your computers go down in the middle of a work day can derail progress and setback any small business. Therefore it’s important to have tech support. Having access to tech support can quickly fix technical errors and get you back up and running, long before it becomes a major problem.  

Control your costs

Not having an in-house team allows you to better control your funds. Instead of paying for full time employees and providing benefits you can choose when you need support. Why spend the money to have an in-house IT team if you don’t need it all the time? Even if you do need a lot of IT support, some companies offer 24/7 unlimited help with a monthly fee, which will still be less than paying for an in-house tech. Outsourcing allows you to choose exactly what you need and nothing more at a pre-arranged price. Which means no hidden fees and no obligation to keep them on if they aren’t a good fit. 

Experienced and certified providers 


Outsourcing also allows you to shop around to find the best providers and see what their certifications are. A lot of people and companies may seem qualified when you’re in the hiring process, but qualified doesn’t mean they have the experience to deal with your company. With outsourcing you can find companies who are familiar with your industry and have the experience to deal with the issues that could arise. Outsourcing also prevents the headache of trying to hire qualified individuals to make up an in-house IT team.  


Available 24/7


Having access to IT help whenever you have an issue and know that you are going to get immediate help is incredibly important. Unlike an in-house team, most IT companies have people working around the clock to be available whenever. Which means if you have an emergency you won't have to call someone on your team and pay them overtime, you’ll just have to contact your support company and let them handle the rest.  


Reduce your risks 


In the tech age, there are a lot of new risks businesses must consider: staying up to date with technology, increased cyber-attacks, etc. But outsourced IT companies take on a lot of that risk and manage it for you. They implement checklists to follow in case of a breach, perform regular backups, and make sure your updated to the latest software. Sometimes in-house IT teams can be pigeonholed, leaving them unable to test out new technology that could be beneficial to your business. While an outsourced company is usually up to date and always testing out new and better ways to improve the productivity of their clients. 


Running a small business can be daunting when you are surrounded by news of cyber-attacks and worried about keeping yourself safe. Partnering with an experienced IT provider can help lessen the load and allow you to focus on the important things like running your business. Finding the right IT provider can allow you to trust that your security is in good hands and feel confident that you’re staying current with all the best technology. 

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