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Last month a major bug was found within Apple’s facetime app, allowing users to access the camera and microphone of a person they called, even if the call was denied. Apple tweeted out a warning to their users and immediately got to work on a patch to fix the bug. This high-profile incident is representative of what most software updates do, improve the existing software to safeguard against potential security threats.

Most updates aren’t for such extreme reasons like security breaches, but many are. As soon as new software is released, there are hackers trying to figure out what the weaknesses are so that they can exploit it. It may seem irritating that you have an update every month or sometimes just a week after you’ve updated but the alternative is much worse.  

Having outdated software means on top of your computer or device running slowly, it is at risk to hackers and other dangers. With cyber threats at an all-time high, it’s important to keep yourself protected and up to date. Every other day on the news you can hear about the latest breach in security or how a hacker broke past some security protocol for a big company. But while big companies are a target, it’s much easier to go after individuals and small businesses. 

Getting targeted by ransomware can severely derail a small business if they do not have the proper security measures to deal with it. If they don’t have their information backed up, they could be at risk of losing everything, or having to pay an exorbitant fee to the hacker in order to get it back. Businesses and individuals are constantly being targeted for attacks.  

If you’ve ever received a sketchy looking email with weird spelling mistakes, claims you won prizes but need to provide information, or urgently need to change your password using this link, you’ve been a target. While you may think something seems like an obvious scam that people will notice, cyber criminals are getting smarter as new technology comes out. Phishing emails aren’t just the cheesy emails full of spelling mistakes anymore, they use real branding and correct grammar. Hackers have learned how to exploit previous updates for your antivirus, or your device in order to find a way to hold you hostage. 

In this digital age none of us have the luxury to be slack about security. Our info is stored online, documents saved to the cloud, and if we don’t stay on top of updates that could all be compromised. 

Another important reason to keep up to date on your software is to be able to enjoy new features, software isn’t just to patch potential security risks. It’s about bringing new technology that will make your life and work much easier. 

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