5 Tips And Tricks On Using Excel


There are a few options available when it comes to getting Office products, you can choose to buy the suite packs or go with a subscription to Office 365. The key difference between these two options is Office 365 is constantly getting better and updating automatically, but the suites are standalone purchases which require you to buy the latest version, when you’re ready to update.  

Customizing the Ribbon (The Top Menu Bar) 

This layout hasn’t changed much between versions and works the same as previous iterations. 
You can personalize it by changing it to any of the available colors by going to File > Options > General 
You can also Collapse or Expand the Ribbon by using Ctrl+F1 

Saving/Opening When you Have Multiple Office Accounts

Selecting File on the ribbon brings you to the Backstage area of Office Apps, here you can go to Save/Open and you’ll see a few options available. 
If you have multiple office accounts signed in, you’ll be able to click and choose which one you want to use and save to your OneDrive. You can also pull/save to “This PC”, “Add a place”, or “Browse” a file. 

Tell Me & Smart Lookup  

        “Tell Me” is a new feature which gives you a searchable shortcut for features normally found in the ribbon. Next to the view tab, there’s a search bar which will display potential matches for what the user is trying to do. For example, “Wrap Text” or “Merge Cells” quickly provides you a link to get the job done quickly. No extensive search necessary.  
Instead of having to open a browser for a needed piece of information, Excel allows you to search directly in the App using Smart Lookup. It’s great for finding general information like definitions. Right clicking on a cell will open a menu. On the list of available commands, you can select Smart Lookup, making it open on the right-hand side of Excel. 

New Graphs and Charts 

Since Excel 2016, eight new chart types have been added. You can see all the charts available by selecting a cell with existing information. Go to Insert > recommended charts > and select the one best suited to your needs. Some of the new charts include Treemap, Sunburst, Waterfall, Histogram, Pareto, and Box & Whisker. 

Added Office 365 User Collaboration 

One of the best features in Office 365 is the collaborative interface. Being able to simultaneously work together on a single project has redefined the workplace. Not having to pass multiple versions of the same document between multiple parties, in order to make a single correction, has allowed projects to finish significantly faster. You can share links to the files you’re working on instead of a copy of the file, which ensures they will always have an updated version and not having to download it keeps computers clutter free. 

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