6 Web design tips to grow your business and increase conversion rates




Branding is everything when it comes to a business, you can’t flip flop around on designs and logos and expect people to build loyalty or recognize you. Having a clear brand helps people build a connection to your company, they become invested and will be more likely to recommend your company if they have a good experience with you. Consistency is the key, you want to make sure your brand is clearly represented in all the pages of your website on landing pages, and media that you post. That way people will always be able to link it back to your business even if they see it featured on another person's page, social media, or a video they come across on YouTube. 


Video landing page 

With 78% of internet users watching videos online on a daily to weekly basis it makes sense why a lot of companies are creating video landing pages. They are entertaining, innovative, and keep people on you page better than standard home pages. Videos can do so much, they can tell the story of your business or it can be a call to action for a specific page. 


Interesting call to action 

Just having a boring button telling people where to go isn’t going to cut it anymore. With technology and websites changing and getting better people are expecting interesting designs. They also have trouble knowing where you need to go unless you tell them, and the best way to do that is to make them unmissable among the rest of your content. Having animated calls to action, or a short video call to action is the solution to that problem. They are more unique and will catch people's attention better than the standard options and add to your company’s image as a company that is keeping up with modern


Parallax scrolling 

With most browsing happening on the phone a lot about web design had to change. This includes scrolling. People don’t want jerky scrolling that is made of desktops, they want to be able to swipe through a website as smoothly as swiping left on an incompatible match on Tinder. Enter parallax scrolling, the uneven look is appealing and engaging to the eye. It’s an easy way to add some texture to your website without being too obvious about it. Giving viewers a subtle reason to stick around and making it easier for you to showcase the important information on your website. 


Consumer driven 

With all the new designs and trends, it’s easy to get confused on what you should choose for your website. Trends are great, but not all of them belong on the website for your business. Your websites design should be a wow to visitors, but it should also fit your brand image. You don’t want to be a family business with a high-tech website design because it does not reflect your business. Ultimately your website is a means for your consumer to get to know you 



Besides having videos, and animated calls to action you also need to stand out. Times New Roman and Arial just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Not when there are so many fonts out there to choose from that could better represent your brand. These custom fonts give your website character and set you apart from other companies who use the same font on their websites. Making it more interesting to look at and keeping your audience engaged while they are browsing through your website.  

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