Why you should consider switching to digital marketing



Oh, yay printed ads! Said no one ever, except maybe an extreme couponer.  


Most printer companies charge a couple hundred dollars for 150 one sided flyers, now imagine the cost of colorful multi page brochures with nice image and quality paper. You’re looking at a big cost for something that is most likely getting swept into the trash along with flyers from your local grocery store, Chinese restaurant, and credit card companies trying to sell you on a new card. 

Digital marketing on the other hand only costs you the amount to design it. Whether you have an in-house marketing team that builds it out or outsource it to a company or individual. This saves you money to pursue different avenues of getting people interested in your company. Like promoting posts on social media to gain more traction on what you’re posting and bring people to your website. 



Paper marketing is only effective if people are looking at your brochure or flyer. And with most of the paper marketing mail ending up right in the trash it doesn’t seem very effective anymore. Why do I need to look though the paper Publix ad when I can pull it up on my phone, load any coupons I want to use, and have them scanned from my phone? Look at magazines and newspapers, most of the major companies have an online subscription service so you can read it all online. 

With digital marketing you have a higher chance of people looking at your flyer or brochure because of email. Why? Because you have their email, which means that at some point they signed up to receive newsletters from you. So statistically they are going to be more likely to take a minute to browse your email to see what is going because they already have an interest in your product or business. Whereas if you just sent out printed ads to random people, they would not have an initial interest and would probably just toss it. 



With print, quality and cost go together hand in hand. It’s hard to find good quality printing that’ll do your design justice at a price that won’t break the bank. Often companies will have to go with expensive printing options if they want to keep their designs looking crisp and their photos sharp. A lot of companies can get away with grainy images and paper stock that’s rough, like grocery stores or pharmacies. You don’t need an HD picture of an apple because you know what those look like, and the details of it don’t really matter. No one needs to know that your apples have a yellow patch on their left side, but they do need to know how nice your product is. 

With digital marketing you lose none of the quality, your designs look sharp and your photos crisp no matter what device they are using to view it.  

With marketing it really boils down to how well you know your audience. If you know they signed up their email to receive a newsletter, send it digitally. But if you have a clientele that isn’t the most tech savvy, you can print out a few nice quality brochures to send those clients. Find what best suits your audience and take advantage of the marketing capabilities of the digital world. Including using social media to engage and draw attention to your business.  

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