Can instant messaging apps improve productivity in you business?



Collaboration used to be something you’d have to schedule. You’d spend time trying to get in touch with a partner ahead of time before any useful kind of communication could take place. The result could be scheduling conference calls or meetings, in order to relay simple information, which may only have needed an instruction and confirmation. However, now instant messaging apps are entering the work place, and a lot of successful businesses have taken advantage of their quick and simple use in order to improve productivity.

 Being able to collaborate with people from anywhere in the world is a big breakthrough in business productivity. In the past, a lot of businesses have found ways around the restrictions of only being able to work from their in-office devices. Working remotely could be tedious, unreliable, and pose potential security risks. Now, many businesses are investing in the cloud to store their information and make it easier for people to be able to work from remote locations. Not only does this make working remotely easier, but it also allows for better collaboration.



If your business has many employees, it may take a while to find contact information for specific teams and team members. However, many instant messaging programs have profile settings which can display contact information and allow for direct messaging with both entire teams and single members. This allows you to message these individuals directly within the app and get the information you are looking for. Rather than having to ask other people who will send you to someone else until you can finally get the information.

An example of a popular instant messaging app you may already recognize is Skype. Used for private chatting, conference calls, video chats, and team chats. Because of its popularity and ease of use a lot of businesses adopted it for their in-house chat app. They used it to communicate with team members and schedule conference calls with customers. Because of this, Microsoft released Skype for business, before realizing they wanted something more suited to work with their cloud storage system. Thus, Teams became the new chat app for businesses, allowing you to send documents saved to your SharePoint.

Other instant messaging apps include Slack, Discord, Google hangouts, and Facebook workplace. 

The ability to message someone in the office to ask them a quick question and get a near instant response is one of the biggest benefits of message apps. It's not disruptive to your work flow which allows you to stay focused on your work and maintain your productivity.



Another benefit of using these chat apps is transparency. Team members can discuss their progress within a project and delegate tasks, which is all then added to the chat history logs. This can be important for down the line in the project because the team members are able to look back at the conversation and see all the duties, they are responsible for. It also allows for more accountability if things start falling behind schedule because you can see where the struggle is and adjust accordingly so the team can be more efficient. 


Ultimately it is up to each individual business to decide whether or not an instant messaging application can benefit their work flow. But for most it can be a great way to boost engagement and productivity within the company.

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