11 Reasons you should switch to the cloud


1. Security

Security is a major concern for most businesses and usually affects how they function. Luckily Microsoft has a lot of security build into their product so you can trust that your information is safe and can’t be wiped out because of constant backups.

2. Cost

Cost is another major factor for businesses looking at new technology because they want to get the most bang out of their buck. Being able to have custom forms, cut printing costs, and physical storage like servers can be a big bonus for a lot of businesses.

3. Collaborative

Collaborating wasn’t only important in school, but also in business. Being able to work together at the same time not having to pass the same document back and forth and fixing it can save time and effort for a lot of companies. With Office 365 you can edit the same document as a client or coworker simultaneously instead of creating a ton of versions.

4. Up to date

With your documents living in the cloud they save automatically so you’re always working on the latest version. Which means that even if your computer crashes all your changes will be saved and you won’t lose all your data.

5. Mobile

Being mobile is very important for any modern business. They understand that you wont always be strapped to your desk and need access to your information on the go. With the cloud, you can access your documents from anywhere in the world, on any of your devices.

6. Ecofriendly

Not only is the cloud ecofriendly, but it can save you money. You can send files online, collaborate on documents online, basically do anything you would on a paper version. But with a lot less wasted paper, which means lower office costs.

7. Streamline

Your business can begin to run more efficiently by cutting a lot of steps down. Because you can work on documents simultaneously or send then to another person so easily, you’ll find that you save a lot more time when working in the cloud.

8. Easy to use

These products are usually very easy to use and because they are designed with the customer in mind. So they are generally pretty self-explanatory and make it easy for you to complete your tasks.

9. Flexible

Your business and team can be a lot more flexible since they are not confined to their desk. Employees can send proposals with a few clicks at their phone or laptop, and work from anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal.

10. Disaster ready

It’s also a great asset when it comes to a natural disaster. Cloud data centers are basically bomb shelters and are located all around the country and even the world. So even if your office is destroyed your data and information would be safe and ready for you to access on another device.

11. Document control

Being able to manage permissions on documents is a big pls to using office 365. You can grant access to a document for a limited time, permanently, whatever suits your needs. You’re also able to share it via a link and the recipient can either open it with their existing Microsoft account, or create a free version in order to view the document. On top of those permissions, you can also set the permissions to what kind of interactions you’re going to allow. If you only want people to view it you can set that, if you want them to be able to edit you can also do that.

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