Disaster prevention 3 things to know and 3 things to do to protect your small south Florida business




In Florida the biggest risk is a hurricane, and some areas are susceptible to flooding if there is too much rain. For this reason, many companies will have their servers mounted on a raised rack in order to keep them away from the floor. However, in the case of a hurricane it comes down to the roll of a dice to determine if you’re office will be hit by the storm and cause damage. Being able to know what you’re at risk at can help you be prepared to deal with disaster and think of ways to keep your business secure.


In many cases natural disasters can prevent equipment from working or prevent you from accessing your office. But if you can access it, what are the things that you absolutely need in order to get back up and running? Many companies have servers that house their data and information, when these go down most companies are stuck. The ones who have invested in cloud storage on the other hand will still have access to all their files remotely. Having an in house server is still an option, however you should consider moving your information to the cloud for safety.


Many companies can lose a lot of their business after a natural disaster, if a competitor gets back up before you do, or if the damages were too great. You need to be able to not only pinpoint what are the essential components on being able to keep your business running, but also the risks you face. Knowing your risks can help you come up with solutions that can help you make your business more efficient and even find ways to protect yourself.


What can you do?


Create a plan

Having an action plan for when disaster hits can help you and your staff react when things seem to be chaos. Making a checklist of actions your staff should follow gives them clear direction on how they should act in cases of emergency. It also helps add some clarity to a chaotic situation because instead of being in a panic with no idea what to do, they will have some form of guidance.

Train employees

Training your employees is a great way to prepare them for different situations they may encounter. It decreases breaches in security because your employees are more likely to notice phishing emails or scams. It can prepare them to deal with emergencies so they can quickly find solutions. By giving your staff the knowledge, they may need to tackle different situations you are setting them up to succeed and avoid crisis’s.

Monitor for threats

Keeping an eye on news of possible natural disasters or security risks is always a good idea to keep your business safe. Knowing that a hurricane is on the way can be important so you can secure any sensitive information that you need to keep safe. It gives you time to backup all your information or get in touch with clients. Or if you notice a rise in cyber security threats you can prepare for that by informing staff, and clients to be more cautious.

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