Does your logo need an update?



Logo’s are one of the key elements of branding, they represent your brand even to people who may not know much about your company. Even people who have never been to a target or McDonalds can recognize the iconic bullseye or golden arches. It’s a symbol of your brand, so as your company grows and evolves so should your logo. This is not to say you need to change your logo frequently, but every five or so years you should take a moment to reevaluate whether it still fits the image you want to convey.



Your logo should help people get an idea of what your company stands for. Obviously, you can’t know everything by seeing a logo, but it is the first impression people get of your business. If your logo is old and outdated people will get the idea that you don’t keep updated with the latest trends in technology or business. Which can end up working against you instead of being an asset, some may think that an old logo shows experience but that’s often not the case. Especially when you’re re designing your website, you may notice that your logo may not seem to have the same energy as your new site. This underperformance can really hurt you because it will seem out of place to visitors and potential customers.


Presentation is very important in making an impression in peoples minds. Nike’s swoosh makes you think of speed and motion, but have you ever thought about the meaning behind it? The name Nike comes from the Greek goddess of victory. A lot of brands use this subliminal messaging in order to convey a feeling to the customer. Another company with Greek influence is Ajax soap, with their slogan “Stronger that grease.” Which is an allusion to Ajax the mythological warrior said to be the strongest man in all of Greece.  


Having a strong polished logo can not only set you apart from the competition, but it can create recognition and trust. Logos that don’t look polished can have the opposite reacting and create feelings of skepticism which would be bad for your company. And polished doesn’t mean that you trash the entire design and go for something super modern and abstract until it’s unrecognizable. It just means that your logo doesn’t make people feel like they traveled back in time or look out of place on your website. It should represent the evolution of your company, as you grow and change so should your logo. But while it may be tempting to try and make your logo convey everything you do; a simpler tasteful logo will probably be more visually appealing to your customers. It’s also important that your color scheme fits the mood of your business and gives the right impression.


There isn’t a concrete timeline on when it’s time to update a logo, some may need to do it sooner and others will be able to wait. It really comes down to you taking a good look at it and using your intuition on whether your logo is still synced to your business or not.

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