8 Common website mistakes you need to fix


Not mobile friendly

Mobile browsing has quickly surpassed desktop browsing in the last few years, which means if you’re not mobile friendly you’re missing out on most of the market. And being mobile friendly doesn’t just mean you have a responsive site that adjusts to mobile devices, it also means you must worry about page speeds and easy navigation. Are the buttons too small to click? Does something that looked good on the desktop version not translate to the mobile screen? There are all things a web developer would check prior to making a website live. And to have a successful website they are things that you need to make sure are executed.


Slow load speed

Slow loading speeds are a nightmare for the business the website belongs to. Visitors aren’t going to wait forever for your site to load because there are dozens of other sites on Google. You have 3 seconds for your website to load before you start losing people. At 5 seconds the chance that people will leave is 90%, while that may not seem like a long time you have to consider it in comparison to fast loading sites. When you’re on your phone and pages are slow to load it’s easy to get frustrated and close out of them, or back out and look for one that will load. If your page is one of these, you could be losing business to competitors who are keeping a close eye on their page analytics.


Bad font choices

Having fonts that are small or difficult to read can also make it more likely that people will leave your website. You want fonts that make an impression but also aren’t like trying to decipher hieroglyphics. A good web designer will be able to either chose a good font for your website or at least suggest to you a few that could work with your website design if you’re consulting.


Too many links leading away

Links are great, if they lead somewhere else on your website. Google isn’t a fan of you linking off your website, and neither should you since it sends people away from you. Sending people to another site not only hurts your google ranking but can also hurt your sales. You want your website to grab people and you want to keep them there until something comes from it. Whether that is an email, a call, or a sale.


Social media icons at the top

A lot of companies think that they should put their social media up at the top of their website, and why not? Social media is trendy! Everyone is using it to grow their business, right? Well, while social media can be a great tool from your business, you want people to stick around your website. So you want to make sure your links are at the bottom so visitors have ample time navigating your website before they discover the social media links.



With cyber attacks left and right security is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Many people now see websites without SSL certificates as untrustworthy, and if your business is one of the last to join the movement in becoming more secure you’ve been losing business to those who’ve already switched. Why would your visitors want to put in their information to make a purchase on an unsecure connection that could be compromised when your competitors are equipped with security? Google even warns people that the websites are not secure because they lack an SSL certificate, so people might not even be clicking on your link. This can affect your ranking on google because if you don’t have people visiting your site your ranking will begin to decrease and you’ll be banished from the coveted front page.


Easy to find contact info

There is nothing more frustrating that going on to a website and looking for a way to contact the company but not being able to find their contact info. Visitors don’t want a scavenger hunt, they want the information easily accessible, so they can act. Having you contact info in an easily visible area with a call to action will ensure that they can find the information quickly and easily.


Stale content/ Weak SEO

A big part of SEO is having content posted regularly and using the right keywords to get you noticed by Google. Whenever you search for something you’re always provided with relevant searches at the bottom of the page. It’s usually a different variation of what you’re asking and can bring you to the result you’re looking for. Similarly, you should title your content in a similar way so when people are looking for the topic you are covering there is a chance for your content to appear to them. All of this will help you rank better with google and be more visible to potential customers. Having fresh content that is relevant to your customers is also an easy way to engage them and build customer loyalty.

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