Why you need to stop ignoring updates

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Updates can be annoying at times, they often appear when you’re in the middle of something and seem like a chore. How many times have we closed an update because we were busy with something at the time, then forgotten to install the update later? Probably more than you could count, and we never really consider that there may be consequences to that. But left unchecked it could lead to some disastrous results for you and the people around you.


Protect against risk


Most updates are patches for existing issues in the software, or patches to the security of the product intended to improve its performance. Hackers are always looking for new methods to take advantage or holes in security or unsuspecting people who click on a scam. Updates fix security risks so if a hacker was able to find a way through the previous version your computer will be safe with the new version of the software. After software has been released hackers begin attacking it in the hopes of discovering how it works and how to exploit it, meanwhile the company is already getting started on the next version that will fix issues and increase security.

Making sure you’re on the latest version will make sure you are on the most secure version of the software and have all the latest fixes. With any new software there are bound to be bugs, but with regular updates you can see the difference in the quality of experience you will be having. You will notice bug fixes and be able to feel confident that you’re more secure against attacks.


New features


Updates bring you the newest version of technology, often with new and exciting features! They are released to bring you better functionality as well as security. You could be missing features that could make your day to day life so much easier or get rid of an inconvenient bug by not updating your PC. For businesses it’s especially important to stay up to date so you always have that edge to help drive your business. If you have trouble remembering to update you can always check if the app allows for automatic updated that could kick in at the end of the day, so you don’t lose any of your valuable time. If you have an IT service specialist, they can help you set these up so that you don’t have to worry about prompts for updated during the work day.

It’s also important to make sure to check that your antivirus software is running correctly from time to time, as hackers can turn it off remotely if they find a breach in your security. To be safe regular backups of your information and keeping up to date on your software is very important. You never know when a hacker or virus is going to pop up and compromise your data.


Passing the infection


Not updating when you’re supposed to not only puts your information at risk, it also puts your friends and family at risk. Hackers can plant harmful viruses onto your computer that infects anything you send out and spreads to anyone you contact. Your personal information can be jeopardized just as easy as that. Using an old software that’s been updated several times puts you in even more risk because hackers are already familiar with that version and working on cracking more complicated security. It’s easy for them to corrupt the software and wreak havoc on your data and sensitive information. Which will then require you to pay an IT service provider lots of money to try and recover anything you may have lost and clean up your computer from harmful viruses.



It is important to make sure you are always up to date on your updates and follow safe internet habits to keep yourself safe in the digital world. And if you have any concerns you should contact your IT Services provider for more information on keeping your business and self, safe from cyber-attacks.


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