5 Reasons you should switch to the cloud


You may be wondering if it's really worth switching to the cloud, which is why I'm here to tell you why it is.


Cost effectiveness


Servers are expensive to buy, replace and maintain. Lose the hassle and switch to the cloud for a more efficient work place. Instead of spending thousands to get and maintain your servers which can be very temperamental you could get an Office 365 subscription and use their cloud services instead. With your subscription which doesn’t cost much per person you get access to SharePoint and OneDrive.

With OneDrive you can save all your personal files, and you can save anything related to your company onto a fully customizable SharePoint site. You also get full access to all the Microsoft products we know and love which makes the price quite the deal. Instead of paying for a new version of the Office or using an old one for several years you can always enjoy the newest version of Office products. And because it updates automatically so you’ll always have the best version.


World Wide Access


Switching your organization over to the cloud makes you more efficient. With all your data uploaded your employees can access their files from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi. This allows them to collaborate in real time, as well as work off site easily. For example, if you’re working on an important document that needs to get out right away but you’re waiting on someone you can just ping them and have them edit it wherever they are.


Eco friendly


Not having to maintain a server has other benefits besides not costing you a small fortune. It’s also more eco friendly to go with a cloud solution. You’re using less energy overall and sort of carpooling your information with a bunch of other companies in a secure cloud center somewhere else. Also, since you can work on files at the same time you don’t have to print them out to give to people, instead you can just share a link.




This is the digital age, and there really isn’t time to drag your feet regarding getting up to date on technology. It’s something everyone is using and if you are the odd man out your competitors will have a leg up on you. That could lead to you getting less business because you don’t have the same advantages as your competition. Modernizing not only helps you be more efficient, so you make more money, it also offers protection.

And with so many companies looking towards hiring remote workers it’s important to update your technology in preparation. How many times have you ignored an update pop up on your computer? Probably too many to count, but those updates are important. It fixes bugs, adds security, and makes your computer more efficient.




The cloud is one of the most secure places to sore your data. A lot of ransomware attacks can lead to companies’ servers being compromised, but it is a lot less likely for them to be able to attack a cloud server. You also don’t have to worry about natural disasters damaging your servers and preventing your company from accessing your files. Your workplace could flood and damage a lot of equipment, but you could quickly get back up and running with your data intact and just how you left it.

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