4 Ways small businesses can curate customer loyalty

customer engagement


Feel human


A lot of companies go for sleek and often cold designs and that’s all good and well. But you need to make sure your company does not end up coming off too cold, by taking the time to curate a good about us or team page. People will feel more comfortable with your company if they can put a face to the company, or even multiple. This often leads to them sticking around to read up on your bios and spend more time on your website overall. People want to look through your website and feel warmth and get to know you better, so you should keep that in mind during the design process of your site. Sleek may be stylish but being human is a lot more appealing when it comes to customer engagement.

Tell a story with your website


Websites are the window to your company’s soul, at least for your customers. The first impression in most cases, and you always want to put your best foot forward when introducing yourself to a new person. Your website should be no different, it should feel welcoming and take your customer on a journey. They want to know what your company is about, who your employees are, and what you stand for. Having an “about us” page makes a ton of difference when people are trying to decide on who they want to do business with. Would you choose a company that has been around for 15 years and is deeply involved with the community? Or one that has a very short about us that doesn’t really give you a feel for who they are and offers very little about themselves? The goal of your website should be to wow and engage your visitors, so they want to choose you over the alternative.

Communication is key


You should have a way for people to contact you from your website and be diligent about getting back to them. A lot of websites have phone numbers, emails, or a chat box so that they can interact with their visitors. This can leave a good impression that you are here to listen to the people browsing your website and provide them with immediate answers to any questions they may have. Leaving a better impression on your visitors than a company who does not have a direct way for people to get answers or guidance. Communication is the most important part of any relationship, and that includes business. In order to have a successful one, people should be able to contact you and get a reasonably timed response back.

Use social media


Social media is an important way to engage with the people who support your brand/business. You can show them that you value their support while also getting your business a following that can catch the eye of potential customers. If they notice that you have a decent following, positive reviews, and feedback they may be more likely to chose you over your competitors. Most people check reviews before deciding to contact or visit a business. So, it is important to cultivate a reliable image so that people will be more likely to choose you over their other options. Which will end in you making more money!

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