Yes, you probably need a web developer


Would you go to a networking event in beat up old clothes and introduce yourself to clients? No? So why are you showing off an old or badly put together website?

Visual Appeal

Visuals are extremely important to us, it affects what food we will order, who we choose to approach at a bar, and what websites we linger on. Websites need to be balanced as well as striking, if it’s too busy that can make it less appealing to visitors. You have about 15 seconds to make an impression on someone who clicked your link before they bounce back to google or another website. Which means the colors, layouts, and fonts are very important for successful conversions. Colors can invoke different feelings and reactions from visitors you may not be aware of. Or if they’ve seen 40 different construction company websites that are all varying shades of yellow and yours is green they may be taken by surprised and stick around a little longer.

However, it is important to know how to pick the right colors because you don’t want it to be too noisy and distract from your content or be considered off-putting. Having too little color can make your site seem lifeless or bland, too much can make it overwhelming, but a good web designer will be able to create perfect balance. A good layout is also important, you don’t want something blocky and lifeless, you want something that flows nicely. Your website is telling a story, so it should move in a way that encourages people to move from page to page to discover more about you. Don’t forget your font, it should be easy to read from all devices and not bee to small or elaborate. Afterall you want your website to be as easy to navigate as possible.


Speaking of devices, your website should be compatible with multiple. You want visitors to be able to easily navigate your site whether they are on their tablet, phone, or computer. Which is a given with any web design product, they know that mobile has surpassed traditional browsing and how important it is to have a responsive website. Another thing to think about are the load speeds for your website, do you know how long it takes to boot up from a pc or phone?

Load speeds can be a silent killer for many companies and they might not even know it. It usually takes me about 15-20 seconds to get annoyed when a webpage wont load and back out of it completely, and this is true for most of the population. You want your website to run smoothly on all platforms but also be quick, most people are browsing on their phones and won’t have the patience to wait longer than 30 seconds.

Save time and money

When you think about it, building your own template website sounds like a great idea. You can do it yourself, and boom you’re done right? Nope, a website is never “done” it’s just done for now. They need constant maintenance and updating to keep them running smoothly which means you’ll be sinking a whole lot of time into it. So, while you could make it yourself and try to handle everything wouldn’t you rather hire and expert and use your time more wisely? Outsourcing a web designer takes the load off your shoulders and lets you focus on the important things, like running your business.

You want to appear professional, so your customers will assume that you are one, because it’s easy to tell the difference between a store bought and a custom website. Choosing a web designer should be a process with lots of research to find the right fit for you, you don’t want to pick a cheap designer and end up with a huge mess on your hands. Make sure that when you’re looking to hire one you get a reputable web developer to work on your website, you won’t regret the quality of their work or communication.

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