Do you really need a web developer?


There are a lot of "Do it yourself" web design websites out there these days, and it seems like a great idea. You make an account and make a quick and "custom website" quickly so you can get right to business right? Wrong. While they may seem easy, the easy solution is not always the best one.

Custom unique design

Websites should be unique to you to set you apart from the competition. While you could just make your own website using a template you have to realize that many other people are using that same template. Yes, it’s cheaper than a web developer but it takes time out of your schedule to try and piece together something you like. Then at the end of it after hours of you tweaking it to your liking, it still looks like a cookie cutter site indistinguishable from all the other ones. Templates are fine for basics and starting out, but if you want to stand out from the thousands of others out there you need custom web design.


New technology

Like anything, websites require constant updating to keep them as efficient and easy to use as possible. Some updates can break key elements of your template design rendering an error for your visitors. To solve it you’ll have to get in contact with their support staff to try and fix the issue which sometimes means reverting to the former version. This leaves your website wide open to attacks as it will not have any new protection from hackers. Not only will you be at risk, but your visitors at risk if you are collecting their information. With custom web design your website will be carefully updated to keep your information safe and prevent any plug ins from breaking.



Having a Web developer work on your websites has a lot of perks, one of which can be getting some advice on the best way to tackle SEO. Because they know the in’s and outs of your website they can give you insightful recommendations on which pages to focus on and how to improve your ranking with Google. If you were building your own website, you’d need to either try and wing it or hire an SEO consultant which can be very pricey.



Having a good website sends a message and gives visitors a feel for your company. Template sites are often bland and have very similar color schemes. Visuals are very important if you want to capture the attention of people coming onto your website. Websites that look blocky or very basic don’t inspire people to stick around or give people an idea of what kind of company you are. Having a custom design that is curated to appeal to your audience on the other hand will encourage people to stick around. People love to oooh and ahhh at cool websites and the more thy stick around the better it could be for you. They can learn more about your business and decide to do business with you because of the impression they get. While it is important to have quality content, you also need to show people something visually appealing so when they click your link from google they stay and don’t leave immediately. Having a well curated website while the competition has a template site can give you the edge you need to be even more successful.

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