Successful Businesses Have Strong IT Service Providers

IT Service Providers

It’s often an aspect of business that’s overlooked or not given the proper amount of planning or forethought, but IT support plays a vital role to the success of your company. Without the right level of IT support and coverage, your employees could struggle to manage the data leading to downtime and loss of revenue.

When looking for a true IT solutions provider, Advantage Services boasts a complete suite of services that are geared to provide industry leading support no matter what your business size.

Strategic Planning

Data and the way we acquire it has changed the role that IT plays in your business model. Combining and streamlining this data is vital if you want to ensure that your company is both viable and relevant not only now but for years to come.

Avoid mismanaged or poorly thought out and executed data, migrate and combine to empower your employees and upper management to find the data they need quickly and easily.

Build your network to avoid a potentially disastrous data loss event with our modular and scalable infrastructure and support. Maximize uptime and revenue with the latest in security and support management tools from Advantage Services.


Custom IT Integration

Advantage Services understands that many times a custom IT solution best serves our customers because not every business need is the same. We take this concept one step further, providing a turnkey IT strategy that is customized for your needs.


Off-site Hosting

Migrating your servers off-site can lower your overhead and increase security through our extensive experience. If you are planning a move to cloud based storage, we can make this transition painless and transparent to your day to day workflow.

Save yourself money and give yourself peace of mind with our off-site hosting services. Improperly planned infrastructure can result in performance draining problems that can slow your business and cost you money.

Proper content management is crucial, and off-site hosting is a great way to optimize your website and increase revenue. Your ecommerce website isn’t going to make you any money if it’s not performing as it should, or has less than 99% uptime.

Our complete cache of hosting packages gives you total commitment to maximum uptime and lightning fast performance.


Network Security

When operating an online business, you've got your hands full as it is. With so much work ahead and so little time, your online website security and the private information on it needs to be something that doesn’t keep you up at night. Stop potential security risks before they have a chance to impact your revenue stream, and keep your customers safe.

Remote Assistance:

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