How avoid people leaving your landing page


Work on attracting the right people

Websites get a lot of traffic from a broad range of people. Landing pages are no different, they can also receive a lot of traffic. But that’s not necessarily a good thing. Landing pages are usually linked to paid ads, so you could be losing a lot of money because you’re not reaching your intended audience. Bounce rates can be as high as 70-90% on landing pages because of bad leads according to Google Analytics. While the objective of a landing page is to separate bad leads from the people you are trying to attract, having that high of a bounce rate means you’re probably reaching the wrong audience. The first step in trying to remedy this is to figure out where your targeted audience is more likely to see you and test different traffic sources.


Check your loading speeds

If there is one thing that’ll get someone to leave your website or a page immediately it’s crawling loading speeds. If it takes more than 2-3 seconds you’ve lost most of us and we’ve moved on to a page that loads. When you consider that most people are browsing on their phones it makes it even more necessary for you to have quick loading speeds. Your visitors are expecting fast loading that is optimized for their devices, if your page is not mobile friendly people will move on to one that is. To avoid this, you should test your landing pages across all types of devices and platforms. That way you can see how it interacts. You can also use tools to check your page speed or speak to a web design professional regarding how you could improve your website.


You’re not inspiring the right feeling

Sometimes you just hop on a website and you just aren’t feeling it. We are very visual creatures, so if your design and layout doesn’t appeal to us we more than likely won’t stick around for long. Visitors often make split second decisions on whether or not they want to navigate your website based on that fist impression so you want to make sure you are giving them the right one. Having a good design/layout, an SSL certificate makes a real difference in how visitors will perceive you. By making sure your website is optimized to be easy to navigate and works well on a variety of platforms you can encourage people to stay on your website.


Now what?

So, you’ve gotten the right audience, it works on different platforms, and it’s appealing to visitors. Now what? Now you need to tell them where they should go from here, landing pages are only meant to act as a bridge to your content. But unless your page is very clear visitors can sometimes be unsure of where you are trying to lead them. Your page should grab their attention then lead them to discover the rest of your website, a product you are promoting, or sign up for your newsletter. You want to engage the visitor as soon as possible to gain their interest. You can do this by having calls to action, and subtle guidance on your pages.

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