19 Tips and tricks to increase conversion rates


1.       With forms, less is more

When it comes to signup forms you want to do the least number of fields possible to encourage them to fill it out. No one wants to sit there and fill out a page long questionnaire to get to some content. You want to make sure you keep it short and sweet, so they will fill out your forms.


2.       Use the right action verbs

Grab your brochure today, reserve your vacation now, claim your ticket. Using tangible verbs like these helps create an image in peoples minds and makes them feel like they need to take action.


3.       Use testimonials

Testimonials give credibility to your product, most people who browse for an item will look for the one with the most reviews. Because by reading them they can determine the experience others have had dealing with your company or products.


4.       Feature benefits

Why is your product better than your competitors? How is it going to solve their problems? Make sure you show people what sets you apart from the competition.


5.       Use videos

Videos make your brand more personable and adds humanity to your website. It's also a great way to get people engaged with what your company does.


6.       Dedicated landing page for ads

When directing from a pay per click ad you probably don’t want to send it to your home page, instead you should have dedicated landing pages


7.       Social media follower counts

Like testimonials having a count of all the people supporting you on social media can be a huge image boost for you to new visitors.


8.       Clear call to action

Call to actions let visitors to your website where they should go next or what they should do on the page they are on.


9.       In stock number

If you have products that are tangible this can be a strategy to sell more, by creating the illusion that you only have a few left before they are out of stock you might encourage people to buy something sooner rather than later.


10.   Tell them what they need to know

Don’t over hype your services or product, just be honest to them about how it will benefit them and interesting features. What does it look like, how does it work, they want to know, and your website should tell them.


11.   Landing pages should focus on what you’re trying to sell

People are easily distracted, so any landing page you have should be to the point and lead your visitor in the direction you want them to go.


12.   Have a privacy statement

Privacy is very important to people, so having the right privacy policy can make people a lot more comfortable with opting in to forms you may have.


13.   Get them excited

Great content has a way of getting people excited to be on your website, use your content to tell a story that visitors will want to know the end of.


14.   Payment options

Offer different kinds of payment options, not everyone wants to use PayPal and there are many different forms of payment methods. Amazon has even come out with a feature, so you can let the payment go through them and you can know your info will be safe.


15.   High quality images

Having good pictures on your website is integral to providing a good experience for visitors. You want to wow them with full screen images that help tell the story of your brand. This includes your staff/employees, their photos are just as important as product photos.


16.   Chat tools

Having a live chat can be a great benefit to customers because they can get live feedback with any questions or potential concerns they could have. This can help them come to a decision on their purchase and potentially boost sales.


17.   Directional cues

Most websites have call to actions, but you can also have subtle animations that guide people through your website. You want to lead them in the right direction, but you don’t want to be overwhelming about it. You can contact your web developer to see what kind of animations they would recommend to get your customers where you want them to be.


18.   Consistent branding

One thing you want to be sure of is that your branding is consistent, you can’t have clashing themes around your website and expect people to stick around. Your website is the first impression people get from you, so you want to make sure that your brand is clear and gives them the right idea.


19.   Build for consumers

Having a super trendy website can be an exciting notion, but you also must keep in mind what kind of customers you’re trying to appeal to. If you’re targeting a demographic that isn’t all that tech savvy you probably don’t want a website that is going to confuse them too much or they will end up leaving immediately.



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