The importance of SSL



SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, basically it forms a secure link between your site and the server. But what does that mean regarding your business.


Confirms credibility

SSL certificates are often the sign that a website is authentic, and with so many unsecure websites people want to make sure their information is safe. People every day lose their sensitive information or money to unsecure or fake websites. But to gain an SSL an independent third party verifies the identity of your company and vouches for your identity. This is like the verified users on twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. I could make an account called “AngelinaJolieOfficial” and claim to be the actress by stealing photos off the internet and pretending to be her. She will still be the one with a verified account, so people will know who the real Angelina is. It’s the same concept for your website, any hacker can put up a fake version of a website, but they won’t be able to get an SSL for it. Having an SSL on your website not only gives your visitors peace of mind about their information but shows that you take their privacy seriously.


Protect Data and increase security

Protecting data is the main reason for an SSL certificate. Once it’s installed it encrypts all the information being passed through the browser and the server. Meaning only the browser or server can access the data, and hackers are locked out with no way of breaking the encryption. This is very important when you are dealing with sensitive data such as credit cards, login information, ID’s, etc. Losing this kind of information can damage your businesses reputation and faith that you can protect your customers sensitive information.


Improve your SEO ranking

Google is always updating how they rank websites, but recently they’ve placed more attention to sites who have an SSL. You can get a slight ranking boost over your competitors who haven’t installed it on to their websites yet and get ahead of the curve. The more trustworthy your site is, the more google likes it. The current version of chrome warns you when you’ve visited a site with no SSL by showing “Not Secure” where you would normally see the little green lock. You don’t want potential visitors being discouraged from browsing your website because you didn’t know what you needed to know regarding how an SSL can affect your website and google ranking.


Satisfy PCI/DSS requirements

SSL is even more critical if your business has a method of taking online payment. It’s one of the 12 requirements you must satisfy to be PCI compliant as it makes sure the data your customers submit will be safe and encrypted.


It might have been a luxury in the past but in this world of cyber attacks people are growing more informed about being safe on the internet. An SSL is now a necessity for any company with a website. So how should you go about obtaining an SSL? For one you can speak to your web hosting provider to see if they offer it or do some research on the best type of SSL for your business.


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