A crash course in VPN benefits


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network connection and creates an encrypted tunnel between you and the server operated by the VPN service. By making the IP address of your device with the one for the VPN server it keeps you safe while browsing and masks your identity. So, what are some benefits to investing in a VPN?


Public Wi-Fi

A lot of people are not aware that a lot of Wi-Fi networks are not safe especially if you are dealing with your personal information. You never know who’s watching when you connect to that Starbucks or hotel Wi-Fi waiting to steal your personal information. Public Wi-Fi offers no encryption so even a junior hacker could intercept your signal and steal sensitive information without you knowing it. If you check your private email or doing your banking online while connected to these networks, you’re at risk. For many people this can be a struggle, especially if travel frequently as that is their only source of Wi-Fi while they are away from home. Which is why paying the $5-15 a month can be a life saver, you can browse safely and have confidence your information is secure.


Some nations impose censoring on their entire countries, kind of like how you couldn’t connect to Facebook at work or school because it was blocked. In other countries you may be blocked from accessing certain social media, or websites because the government chose to block it. Even something like Netflix will look drastically different depending on where you are because of what they’re allowed to offer based on that region. With a VPN you bypass all these barriers and can stream or surf just how you normally would free of restrictions.

Avoid traceback              

VPN not only keep your data safe, they also prevent third parties from tracking your browsing history.  Most search engines catalog where you’ve been to customize advertising for future searches on your machine. Which is normal, and the reason why you see advertisments fot things you've viewed recently. It's a good marketing tactic when you've forgotten to purchase the iten then click the ad to complete your purchase but sometimes you'd rather have your search history not be logged. You don't want them to know you looked up dating help or the best way to wax your back, and with the use of a VPN they won’t. All the searches will be associate sourced to the IP from the VPN server instead of your personal maching. Giving you an added layer of security and anonymityin this digital age where nothign seems to be private.


In the digital age we live in it's important to take measures to insure we keep ourselves safe. A password can only go so far, and for a lot of people that is the only line of defence between their information and a hacker. Taking extra measures like enabling multi factor authentication and investing in a VPN service goes a long way in protecting your data. With hackers growing more and more advanced all we can do is arm ourselves with the proper tools to prevent them from taking our information hostage.

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