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A website is technology, and like most technology it can become dated very easily. The industry is constantly evolving and improving upon itself to become more efficient and work better. So, if you trade in an old phone for a new one every few years to make sure you have the latest and greatest technology available, why wouldn’t you want the same for your business?


Mobile first

With mobile browsing becoming more popular than computer browsing it is important that your website is ready for mobile traffic. Designers can make designs that suit a variety of screen sizes that work just as well on mobile as they do on your computer. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to navigate a website on your phone that is not mobile friendly, it will probably even discourage people from staying on your website in favor of one that does work. Instead you can have a mobile friendly version of your website with clean minimalistic menus, micro interaction, and cutting edge design.

Tasteful animation

You may have seen subtle animation on websites and not even known they were there. Scrolling animations help tell the story of your website and provides a more meaningful experience than a static page. Whether it’s while loading, or a movement when you hover over a link these micro interactions keep us engaged. We are over flat designs and static pages; the future is in bold websites with character.


The art of asymmetry

Designers have a never-ending quest for beautiful and unique designs, in 2018 there have been more unconventional layouts that have risen in popularity. They are distinctive and usually unique from a lot of what you’ll normally see. These can set you apart from your competitors and give your audience a unique experience that will leave them pleasantly surprised.


The last few years for web design have been favoring flat designs, but this year we’ve seen some bold new looks. Including the comeback of gradients. If a site is lacking in pictures it can provide some much-needed visual appeal, or as a filter over a photo that otherwise would be lack luster to give it a pop.


Vibrant colors

In a previous post we discussed how colors can affect people’s perception and can evoke feelings of calm, happiness, or even hunger. In the past most, web design played it safe with their color schemes and how they laid those colors out. But this year has been the beginning of the big and bold revolution. Vibrant websites with sharp slashes and angles, geometric themes that are more than circles and squares. This is partially due to the improvement in monitor/screen technology and their ability to reproduce richer and crisper colors.

Variable fonts

Big and bold does not only apply to colors, we’ve seen a recent surge in powerful typography. Typography can either capture the eye or make us cringe (I’m looking at you Papyrus.) Picking the right fonts to give your website is very important as it conveys important information on your website. You want to make sure your fonts are setting the right tone with your website, and designers can do that with their knowledge of dynamic paralleling fonts.

Drop shadows

With parallax and grids becoming more popular designers have more chances to get creative with the use of shadows. This gives the appearance of more depth and looks pleasing to the eye with the more three-dimensional design versus the flat one. So not only are you appealing to your customer, but it also helps the user experience as the shadows can give more emphasis to the calls to action on your website.

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