The 10 Best Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Needs


Small to medium-sized businesses (SMB's) have spent a whopping 5% more on IT services from 2012 - 2017. That brings the total annual IT spending figure up from 230 billion dollars all the way up to 298 billion.

The growth of IT spending in SMB's doesn't come as a surprise. As consumers become more sophisticated and their need for immediacy grows, companies are needing to ramp up their processes via hardware and software solutions to meet demand.

This reality, however, presents a lot of issues for SMB's. At the center of those issues is the need to now have a dedicated team who can manage new software, deal with the installation of hardware, and keep everything running in a way that keeps processes moving and data safe.

This is where outsourced IT services can be so helpful. In this article, we will dig into specific ways how outsourced IT can be beneficial to your organization.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Hiring on an internal IT team to manage your technology needs can be excessively expensive. When you look at things like salaries, benefits, time off and other perks most employees will need to be compensated with, the picture becomes clear - outsourcing is the way to go.

With outsourced IT services, you don't have to worry about paying for fringe benefits. You also don't have to deal with paying anybody for downtime. You only compensate your outsourced team for the work they perform.

2. Efficiency

With outsourced IT, you have a whole team of professionals at your fingertips. Compare that to having one or two internal team members handing your IT needs.

Given the size of your outsourced team, you can expect that projects will be handled with speed and a high attention to detail.

3. A Pool of Experience

As we referenced in the previous point, outsourced IT teams have a whole group of qualified professionals that collectively work through your technology related problems. This means that you're benefiting from the collective experience of a large team of professionals as opposed to a couple of internal people.

This leads to less time troubleshooting and more time fixing.

4. Always on the Cutting Edge

Technology never slows down. There's always a new benefit, opportunity or threat that it presents to businesses. In order to get your internal team up to speed, you need to manage the time and expenses involved with sending them out to training.

With outsourced IT, your contractor handles all of the training and you just get to benefit from a team that's always on the cutting edge.

5. Outsource Risk

There is a lot of risk involved with performing any business processes. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with technology and sensitive data that's transmitted through it.

When you outsource your IT, you move your technology-related liability to a 3rd party. That's one less threat to your operation you need to worry about.

6. Stay Competitive

As a small to medium-sized business, it's no secret that you're competing with larger organizations with more money who hire more people. This truth often leads to bigger companies getting more bodies servicing their IT needs which lets them implement and benefit from the latest in digital security and more.

To emulate that flexibility without spending the money, outsourced IT services is the way to go. Outsourced IT puts a fortune 500 company quality tech team at your fingertips. They'll make sure your organization is never behind the competition curve again.

7. Compliance

It seems like almost every day a new data breach occurs that puts hundreds of thousands of consumer records in the hands of bad actors. That's why there are data security compliance standards in place to make sure companies, big and small, are doing their diligence in reducing the occurrence of data theft.

Are you confident that the technology you're utilizing to manage sensitive data is in compliance? If you're not, you could open yourself up to legal issues.

With outsourced IT, that liability shifts to your contractor and you can be sure they're going to provide solutions that cover both themselves and your customers.

8. Stay Focused on What You Do Best

SMB's are notorious for having team members who wear multiple hats. This leads to your team spreading themselves thin and not focusing their talents where they will give your organization the most return.

Outsourcing your IT is a great way to keep you from wasting your valuable time fiddling with tricky tech and allows you to invest yourself in the areas that mean the most to your business.

9. Disaster Recovery

A lot can happen to your data throughout the course of regular business operations. Whether your data gets stolen or damaged during a flood, fire or another occurrence, when you're in disaster mode, you'll want a team of technology pros on your side.

To that end, outsourced IT has you covered. Outsourced IT teams will help you implement world-class backup solutions for your data and help you take the appropriate, legally required steps if sensitive data ever gets lost or stolen.

10. Programs are Always Up to Date

Did you know that the software you use every day, from your operating system to email applications need to be up to date in order to best prevent security breaches?

That by itself is a great reason to have an excellent IT team on call. Outsourced IT organizations understand what tools your team uses to stay productive and makes sure those tools are updated to provide you with the best, most secure performance.

Wrapping Up Benefits of Outsourced IT Services

Outsourced IT services are what many businesses who need robust technology solutions at a reasonable price are migrating towards.

So, whether you're looking for an affordable way to keep your company's data safe, a team who can usher you through a disaster or a dedicated group to help you install and keep up to date the latest software and hardware, consider looking for a quality outsourced IT services provider today!

Our team at Advantage Services have empowered small to medium-sized businesses in South Florida to be their absolute best via our IT services. We pride ourselves in being an end-to-end solution for all of your digital needs from tech consulting to security and beyond.

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